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 Chronique [Shadowplay] Show Me EP

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Date d'inscription : 07/05/2008
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MessageSujet: Chronique [Shadowplay] Show Me EP   Chronique [Shadowplay] Show Me EP Icon_minitimeDim 11 Mai - 15:20

Apres une chronique du 1er ep d'ELECTRIC PRESS KIT,le webzine russe SHADOWPLAY met en ligne une chronique de "Show me"ep...Ils ont apprécié...5 étoiles sur 6...

Chronique du "Show me ep" par Shadowplay...(Traduction par Trans):
"Three years has passed since the time of the debut album release.It was possible to assume,that the band will be calmed down,all becomes equal and quieter.Far from it!Only the begginning of the first track can give hope for correctness of this assumption.Literally,in some seconds you understand,how you were mistaken-the volcano of emotions is thrown up again with the violent force getting already severe shade.The matter is that sounding was getting frigthening,pressing density and carries a print of already unhealthy depression and the aggression infecting all and all.Still the sound and a manner of execution are approached to concert.Again,there is a sensation that all was recorded in real time.The storming sea of the noisy guitar improvisations turning at times into ruthless torture of the instrument is just about ready to swallow you up.By the end of the fifth track,guitars cease,the requiem on tormented nature sounds already.The other tracks are not many more for you,but for those who will find out a body..."
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Chronique [Shadowplay] Show Me EP
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